45 Fern Ave
Amesbury, MA 01952

farm Hours

Closed for the Winter
Opening in May 2016
Hours - 8am-6pm Sunday-Thursday
8am-7pm Friday & Saturday

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Seasonal Bakery orders

Pies & More

We want to help make your holiday dinners a bit easier and a bit more special. we offer special piesfreshly made or frozen to bake at home. Check back for specials.

Appetizers and Side Dishes

Available throughout the season

Special foods and side dishes of all kinds available.

don't Forget We'LL Re-Open

MAY 2016

Watch for details, or sign up for email announcements.

What do we do in the winter months?

We actually keep quite busy year round. Winter is the season for pruning our entire orchard, ordering seeds, visiting food shows for the store, and no sooner are we finishing these tasks when we are firing up the greenhouses mid February for the start of another growing season.